CW Fong & Associates
A member of the International PR Group SPAG.Asia

Management Consultants

Specializing in the areas of ...
- Crisis Communications
- Reputation Management
- Media Training
- Social Media Marketing
- Change Management
- Social Engineering
- Business Re-engineering

CW Fong & Associates holds proprietary rights to many of the frameworks used and taught at our workshops.

Why engage a management consultant

  • Organizations employ external consultants for a variety of reasons. Chief among them would be for the consultants’ specialized knowledge in domains which the organization either does not have, or is not required to have at such an in-depth level.  Additionally, the consultants' “outsider” status and perceived objectivity makes it easier for the management to break-down resistance and align key stakeholders. Coupled with the management consultants' exposure to a large number of organizations (and range of industries), management consultants are well suited to share business best practices to help the client move the organization forward.