Our Edge

CW Fong & Associates is a boutique communications consultancy. Established in 2011, our consultancy has worked on the social media campaigns of over 20 Singapore Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). In early 2013, CWFA expanded our capabilities to offer design and printing solutions. To offer competitive price advantage for our clients, without loss of quality, CWFA capitalizes on the asymmetries of global labor costs by partnering design and production partners from around the world.

As an affiliate of SPAG.Asia, the senior leadership has a combined total of 75 years of international communications experience. Backed by a team of 8 full-time designers, CWFA has the depth and breadth to deliver collaterals that convey your desired message.


How do you ensure the quality of out-sourced work?

We ensure quality through the careful selection and adherence to established working processes with our partner firms. As back-up, we also maintain a lean in-country team of designers (and printing partners) that can respond to our clients needs.

Is turn-around time affected?

yes, turn-around time in some stages of the design and printing process takes slightly longer. good project management is therefore important and project costing is made based on the client’s requirements. where possible, global best-sourcing is used to give our clients the best value.

As a client, how do I seek redress?

Clients deal directly with CW Fong & Associates (a Singapore registered company) and never with the design or printing partners. In the unlikely event that a client is unhappy with our work, CW Fong & Associates is fully accountable. This is similar to dealing with any other Singapore-based company.